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Congratulations on your decision to invest in your home and purchase new countertops! We know this is a big purchase, so we’ve collected some information about the process so you know what to expect before, during, and after the installation of your new countertop.

Why does my stone countertop have cracks?

“Cracks” and “fissures” are two very different things. A crack is a flaw that occurs during fabrication, handling of the stone, or installation. Most cracks need to be repaired or replaced.

Fissures occur naturally in many stones. The term “fissure” is used commercially in the stone industry to describe a visible separation along inter-crystalline boundaries. This separation may start and stop within the face of the stone or extend through an edge. A fissure differs from a crack in that it is a naturally occurring feature of the stone. All natural stones, like granite, marble, and quartzite, contain some degree of fissure. Since fissures do not affect the durability or longevity of the stone, we do not replace countertops due to fissures.

Pitting is another common characteristic of natural stone that have no effect on the performance of the stone.

Pitting is a common feature of natural stone, and does not affect the material’s durability.

Why isn’t the seam in my countertop perfectly smooth?

When two pieces of granite are seamed together there may be slight differences in the thickness of the stones. This is very common. These areas will be “feathered” to blend the pieces together. This happens with roughly 80% of all installations.

Depending upon the type of stone, there may be some chipping along the seam of your new countertop. We repair any seams that are not within industry standards.

Certain stones also have variations in color and veins, which may make seams more visible. We do our best to fabricate and install the stone in away that minimizes the appearance of seams and elevates the natural beauty of the stone. However, in some cases, a visible seam may be inevitable, due to the nature of that particular stone.

Will my granite match the sample I saw in the showroom?

If you are purchasing your countertops directly from Stone Interiors, you will have the opportunity to see a slab of material from the lot. This is the exact slab that will be used for your countertop. Your finished project will match very closely to what you viewed.

Can I increase the overhang of my countertops  to allow for bar stools?

An unsupported overhang cannot exceed 1/3 of the supported countertop. Partner with your Stone Interiors representative to discuss how much of an overhang is safe for your counter or island. We will let you know what type of support you need, and how much those supports will cost.

Your countertops may require brackets to safely support your desired overhang.

How quickly can I get my granite installed?

Typically, you will only have to wait 2-3 weeks for your countertop to be installed after your measure appointment. In some cases that time frame will vary, depending on whether we need to special order your material, and unexpected delays.

If you’re hoping to get your new counters installed by a certain date, please allow a few extra weeks. While we take our utmost care with every job and do our best to install in a timely manner, some unavoidable delays may happen, such as material issues or damage during transportation.

What do I need to know before my measure appointment for new countertops?

  • Please make sure your sink and faucet are on-site during your measure appointment. Your Measure Technician will need to know the exact dimensions of your sink and faucet in order to plan for faucet holes and sink holes.

  • Please make sure your chosen sink fits your cabinets. Partner with your Stone Interiors Representative if you have any questions.

  • Please clear large items off your countertops before the measure appointment.

  • Farm or apron sinks must be mounted in their final location before your measure appointment.

  • Cabinets must be installed before your space can be accurately measured.

How do I remove my existing countertops?

We will remove your existing countertops for an additional fee. Our installers are specially trained to minimize damage to cabinets and walls during tear-out, although some minor cosmetic damage may be unavoidable.

Contact your Stone Interiors Representative to schedule your tear-out. The tear out is normally done the same day of the installation. On rare occasions, especially with large tile tear outs, we may schedule the tear-out to occur the day before your new counters are installed.

What if my cabinets can’t support granite countertops?

Most cabinets can easily handle the weight of granite countertops, although you won’t truly know how stable your cabinets are until your existing countertop is removed.

If your countertops are not level enough to support new countertops, you will need to have the cabinets repaired before granite is installed. In some cases, countertops can be shimmed and installed, even if your cabinets are out of level up to 1/2″. If the cabinets are out of level beyond 1/2″, they will need to be professionally repaired.

How should I prepare for a countertop installation?

Plan to be at your house for the entire countertop installation in case any problems or questions arise.

The installation process can create large amounts of dust. Cover or move any items near the installation site, and turn off your air conditioning or heating before the appointment to reduce the spread of dust.

Create a safe path for the installers to carry the stone from their truck to the installation site. Granite pieces are very heavy and difficult to maneuver. Children and animals should not be allowed near the jobsite. Decide where on your property the installers can stage and cut the material, if necessary.

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